Die Liebesvögel – Küss mich da, wo ich es mag… (1979)

Alternate Titles
Petites filles pour le weekend France
Scharfe Wildgänse possible alternative title
Wildgänse possible alternative title

Peter Wohlers is a bank clerk who has problems in dealing with the opposite sex and can do nothing but fantasise about them even if one is actually in his bathtub! His boss is a reasonable man and gives him a week off to help him cure his melancholy. Peter travels to Munich, wishing that his luck may turn in a different city and visits his friend Frank who is quite skilful with women. Ginny, a raunchy fuck buddy of Frank, initiates Peter but he doesn’t come. Anyway, he brings red roses to Ginny, thinking that she’s in love with him but hears her having sex with another man. He leaves the flowers on the doorstep in frustration and heads to a barroom where he encounters Elsa, a married woman who is after some adventure. They have sex at Elsa’s house but, once again, Peter fails to come. In the morning, Elsa’s husband arrives and Peter leaves the house, not forgetting to return and leave red roses on the doorstep.

Peter is now after alternative ways to solve his ejaculation problem and responds to a newspaper ad, which turns out to be from a brothel. Being the reserved and romantic type, he’s reluctant to have sex at the brothel and the madame has Jane and a guest stage a “show fuck” for Peter. It works and Peter decides to take another prostitute (XNK5935, Elke Heydrichs ?) but fails to come yet again. He goes to the flower shop to buy the prostitute red roses in his usual mannner of expressing gratitude. However, he realises that he has fallen in love with the flower shop girl who seems to be different from all those slutty females he’s encountered. They have sex and this time Peter manages to come. a happy ending for the couple.

Director:Jürgen Enz