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Giochi carnali (1983)

A sleazy but lighthearted odd couple of thrill-killer rapists drive around picking up young women, raping & brutalizing them. Due to the porn necessity of extended closeup hardcore sex scenes, director Bianchi drags this thin story out interminably and boringly.

Early action is a bit confusing, because one of their pickups turns out to be a transvestite, much to the consternation of the younger of the two perverts, who doesn’t find out until he’s made it nearly to third base with the cross-dresser. After that scene, the outraged macho character suddenly spends the rest of the film as a transvestite himself -still up to the task of raping the women, but helping out fronting with his partner as if they were a man & woman driving around rather than two creeps. It doesn’t help Bianchi’s already shaky narrative that our kinky anti-hero isn’t the slightest bit convincing posing as a woman.

Attempts at humor are very poorly done, as when the portly rapist must service his ugly, overweight wife or the unfunny antics of an old coot (possibly the rapist’s dad) who wants to tag along on their nasty escapades and at least gets to join in on peeping tom action via a handy telescope.

Alternate Titles
Exciting Love Girls
Giochi amorosi DVD available Shendene