Immagini di un convento (1979)

Alternate Titles
Images in a Convent

A convent is possessed by the devil in the form of a handsome injured male that the nuns help. A female guest at the convent is also somehow involved. The nuns get increasingly randy. Marina Frajese finds a young nun masturbating, whips her and then licks her wounds, later joining her in bed. Things reach a climax after Marina (I think it is her) is raped by two men on her way through a wood (erection and oral penetration seen). She is taken back to the convent by a passing priest who tries to exorcise the place, but while he is doing this some of the nuns masturbate and two of them use a makeshift dildo on each other – penetration seen. Finally the female guest has sex with the male patient then stabs him to death, thus saving the priest from gang rape by a group of nuns.

This is one of those 70s films that only just crosses the borderline into hard core while enthusiastically invading the territory of bad taste.

Director:Aristide Massaccesi as Joe d’Amato