On the Game (Sex Through the Ages) (1974)

Release in it s full UNCUT glory for the first time. Directed by acclaimed exploitation filmmaker Stanley Long whose Adventures trilogy DVD s have sold over 15,000 copies to date. Featuring a cast of British greats (Charles Gray, Carmen Silvera) and a bevy of beauties. SPECIAL FEATURES Newly written liner notes and trailers. Narrated by Charles Gray (Diamonds Are Forever), On the Game is a riotous look at the history of the oldest profession, from the ancient Hebrews who decreed all women must prostitute themselves once, to the Roman Emperor Claudius wife who was the most famous part time hooker, to the Victorians who were austere on the surface but not when their clothes were off! Starring some beautiful girls with lashings of nudity and some true British greats such as Carmen Silvera (Allo, Allo) and David Brierley (Voice of K9 in Doctor Who), On the Game is a vintage slice of Slap & Tickle.