Saloon Kiss (1995)

Alternate Titles
Operation Sex USA, Tip Top DVD

Nazi porn without blood Hans-56  24 October 2009

How this film ever got rated over 4 here on the IMDb is beyond me. Apparently only a handful of porn lovers saw it and were impressed. Well, Erica Bella deserves her name, of course, but even she can’t save this film.

I had the opportunity to watch it and when I saw the voting results (7.1) I thought I had a gem in my hands. But this movie is extremely disappointing. There is no story at all. Just Italian studs dressed up as German officers. And as soon as they meet a girl, they get them undressed and do the stuff Italian studs are supposed to do best. And this continues to the end of the movie. And for those who love “Women in Prison” movies I have a warning: there is no sadism here. No blood flowing, no flogging, nothing. So don’t think this is another Jesus Franco imitation, for it isn’t. This is just boring hard core porn all the way through. I think only lovers of Miss Bella will be able to sit this one out.

Another porn film from D’Amato but this here is one of the lazy ones. The film tries to go back to the naziploitation days and is a mild rip of SALON KITTY but there’s not even enough story lifted to actually call this a story. Pretty much we see prison guards having sex with various female inmates with one actually being innocent of the crime she was thrown in there for. That’s pretty much it for any type of story but we do get some nice cinematography, which is something I’ve said in just about all of these D’Amato films I’ve seen. If you’re a fan of just sex, sex, sex then this movie will appeal to you. There’s really nothing here that you couldn’t see in a thousand other movies so I’m going to guess it will mostly be curious D’Amato fans checking this one out. They, like me, will be wishing for his earlier films.

Clarissa Bruni
Cristina Valenti
Dina Pearl as Marina Perla
Erika Bella
Laetitia Bisset as Cheyenne
Susanna Katona as Susanna Cantona