Satin Suite (1979)

As a modest prelude to his glossy period (A SCENT OF HEATHER and DELICIOUS), Bill Milling a/k/a both director “Philip Drexler” and producer “Bill Eagle” made this clever and witty satire on ruthless advertising executives, inspired by the Robert Wise classic EXECUTIVE SUITE, who’ll stop at nothing to land a lucrative contract and make lots of money. Since this is an adult film after all, sex figures more prominently in the scheming than Hollywood’s Golden Age would ever have allowed.

Porno thesp extraordinaire Samantha Fox, who won a much deserved AFAA Best Actress Award for Chuck Vincent’s JACK ‘N’ JILL, shines in one of her most memorable roles as cutthroat career woman Lauren Falconetti, editor of 18 Magazine and hellbent of clawing her way to the top of its publishing company Rothwell Industries. Offering herself and her sensual underlings for entertainment purposes to some of the company’s key executives, she tapes the evidence and subsequently blackmails them with it. Fly in the ointment proves to be aspiring model Sandra (Heather Young a/k/a “Colleen Anderson” from Gerard Damiano’s SKIN FLICKS) who works her way into Falconetti’s trust and affections before planting an ALL ABOUT EVE dagger between her shoulder blades.

Fast-paced and frequently funny, this fine adult film boasts polished photography and snappy editing (as befitting its glossy setting) that really add sophistication to already explosive sexual content. A very youthful Herschel Savage, who really came into his own as an actor in Paul G. Vatelli’s BODIES IN HEAT, shares a tempestuous tumble at the car wash (watch out for that “Hot Wax” sign !) with breathtaking redhead Kasey Rodgers (DEBBIE DOES DALLAS) that perfectly illustrates the film’s successful blend of heat and humor. Veteran performer Eric Edwards had been around since theatrical hardcore’s earliest days, even performing with the late lamented Linda Lovelace in the infamous DOGARAMA loop shot by Lawrence T. Cole, and shares one of many scenes with his exotic wife Arcadia Lake (who would die of a drug overdose in the early ’90s) on the Staten Island ferry as she pretends to be underage and in dire need of some fatherly affection ! Star attraction Samantha performs contrasting encounters with rich and powerful Jake Teague (Harlan the Magician from Cecil Howard’s superlative NEON NIGHTS) aboard his private jet – ah, production value – and with down on his luck accountant (whose help she seeks in her hostile takeover bid) Robert Bolla (one of the finest character actors the genre has ever known) in his dirty apartment. Debbie Revenge is the short-haired blonde, also in Ron Sullivan’s BABYLON PINK, who only appears in the photo shoot orgy early on. Stylishly shot and designed, SATIN SUITE proves an unheralded little gem well worth rediscovering.

  • Scene 1. Kasey Rodgers, Ron Hudd
  • Scene 2. Heather Young, David Pierce
  • Scene 3. Christie Ford, Rikki O’Neal, Samantha Fox
  • Scene 4. Kasey Rodgers, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 5. Christie Ford, Rikki O’Neal, Samantha Fox, Fred Fagen, Roy Stuart, Valentino
  • Scene 6. Samantha Fox, R. Bolla
  • Scene 7. Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 8. Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 9. Samantha Fox, Jake Teague
  • Scene 10. Samantha Fox, Patty Boyd, Jake Teague
  • Scene 11. Heather Young, Samantha Fox
  • Scene 12. Heather Young, Samantha Fox, Roger Caine