Pornografie Illegal? (1971)

This is one strange hybrid from German exploitation veteran Alois Brummer. It appears he bought the rights to a U.S. made roughie “A Taste of Hot Lead”(1969-55 min) directed by another veteran sleaze merchant William Rotsler and added his own new footage about two lowlife criminals in Hamburg who get involved with a dwarf pimp who terrorizes his stable of street hookers. This allowed Brummer to to release it in Germany as a full length feature and save money on the shooting budget….Shades of Woody Allen’s “What’s Up Tiger Lily?”. The stories have nothing in common and the title is nothing more than a attention grabber. The German footage has some touches of humour: the goofy gangsters and a great bit from the  pimp who makes up his size deficiency with a real nasty streak. This is one of Brummer´s sleaziest films. Since the whole thing is in German I don’t know exactly what is going on but here’s what meager storyline I did come up with:


The adventures of two American gangsters who are hiding from the FBI in Hamburg, Germany. When there becomes too hot, they move to Munich. Their erotic adventures include sexy girls, prostitutes and lesbians until they the law finally catches up to them.
At the same time, their sadistic buddies (Jimmy & Johnny) in California go on a general crime spree around the countryside, torturing and killing those who get in their way finally ending up with three women imprisoned in an apartment whom they constantly rape and also torture (although one girl in particular doesn’t seem to mind)