Le pensionnat des petites salopes (1982)

Alternate Titles
Das Gören-Internat 1 hr 6 mins
Ménage à trois USA, released on the Command label, 1 hr 14 mins, French sound English commentary over the top, supposedly comic
Un Pensionnat très spécial

One of the girls who apepars in the opening sequence in the dormitory is Claire Lenoir, but she does not appear in the rest of the film. Presumably she was replaced by Marianne Aubert who does not appear in this sequence.

The cast given on Classic Xpress seems plausible, apart from the mis-spellings – Betty, Lisa Pinson, Marianne Aubert, Patrisha Rousseau, Mariel Faifer, Piotr Stanislaf, Miriam Vernais and Jean-Pierre Arman. Maria Faifer is Diane Suresne.

The graphic design of the title is totally different to the rest of the credits; so this name might have been adopted for the American release.

The title bears no relation to the film and the film makes no sense. The girls (Marianne Aubert, Lise Pinson, Patricia and XNK0285) at a very small school wander around in their nighties or entirely nude, decorating a Christmas tree. Jean-Pierre Armand spies on them through binoculars and then sneaks in dressed as Santa Claus ( ajob which the caretaker has passed on to him. While the headmistress (XNK0468) allows the girls to cavort naked in front of Santa, she draws the line at finding them giving him head. He chases her upstairs and forces her to dress in black rubber and then he and Piotr Stanislas (who has also sneaked in dressed as Santa) have sex with her, including DP. His girlfriend is suspicious and also sneaks in, dons a maks and makes up a foursome. Everyone has sex with nearly everyone else, Patricia doing anal (unusually no anal for Marianne). But the whole thing is too unrealistic to be erotic.