Contes immoraux AKA Immoral Tales (1974)

The “L’Age d’Or” cut (HD, 2:05:25) – This is the original cut of the film, which won the Belgian “L’Age d’Or” prize, named after the famous film by Bunuel and Dali. (It’s essentially for films that are groundbreaking and provocative.) This version is largely the same, but it features a fifth story right in the middle, “The Beast,” which Borowczyk expanded the following year into a feature (Arrow just released it on Blu-ray too). “The Beast” is the most twisted, funniest, and most disturbing segment of the film, so it’s hard to decide if it was clipped from the commercial release because it was too sick or because it just made the feature too long. In a nutshell, an aristocratic young lady (Sirpa Lane) follows a runaway lamb into the woods, only to be confronted by a giant, horny beast. What follows is half horror film parody and half bestiality-porn parody. In other words, probably not great for a family movie night.