Femmes de Sade (1976)

From IMDb:
Alex De Renzy was one of only a handful of porn directors that were gifted enough to have their own visual style, something that sadly, dissapeared in his later work once hardcore features began to be shot on video. Femmes de Sade, in it’s uncut form (Tough to find) is one of my favorite 70’s XXX films. It’s just so messed up and vile! A huge deranged pervert gets out of jail and bums a ride with a fellow inmate who has also been released, and has been picked up by his girlfriend. Needless to say, it does not end up nicely for her. I don’t want to give up too much about the film in case you actually ever get to see it, but the scene where the gigantic sex-freak sucks his own wang, and then tries to force an unwilling female to give herself oral sex is one of the most unnerving scenes in adult film history. Alex De Renzy, you will be missed.


Certainly on of the most unique and controversial films to emerge out of the late 1970s “porno chic” period, Femmes DeSade is most certainly Alex DeRenzy’s best film.

A perverted criminal named Rocky DeSade is released from a California jail and immediately embarks on a vicious rape spree targeting mainly San Francisco working girls.

Femmes DeSade is one of the few hardcore films which really work just as well as exploitation films as they work as sexploitation. This film really defines the word sleaze, and sleazy it is. Chock full of montages of S.F.s North Beach sex district, great adult bookstore set hooker chats, and a doctors office sex scene which is reminiscent of the following years Water Power.

The acting, dialogue, cinematography, music, direction, etc. aren’t perfect, but neither are they expected to be. Femmes DeSade provides for a wonderful return on your investment and is a film which belongs in every hardcore film collector’s permanent library.


A particularly nasty ’70s roughie,the unedited version of this de Renzy’s sickie is nearly impossible to find.The plot involves the monstrous Rocky DeSade running around San Francisco and brutalizing the local working girls;they eventually take revenge on this creep by staging a fetish party and making him pay via pissing,hard-core S/M and even a little scat added for the good measure.This grainy and sadistic porno truly has to be seen to be believed,especially the sequence when Rocky sucks his own penis.The scat scene is very disgusting,albeit clearly fake.The porno scenes are well-filmed and the film is loaded with incredibly seedy atmosphere.”Femmes de Sade” is very hard to find as is “Animal Lover” with famous Danish bestiality performer Bodil Joensen,but if you get a chance watch them both.8 out of 10.

  • Scene 1. Abigail Clayton, Joey Silvera
  • Scene 2. Abigail Clayton, Ken Turner
  • Scene 3. Mimi Morgan, Monique Starr, John Leslie
  • Scene 4. Lesllie Bovee, John Leslie, Turk Lyon, Tyler Reynolds
  • Scene 5. Melba Bruce, Ken Turner
  • Scene 6. Kikko, Linda Wong, John Leslie
  • Scene 7. Monique Starr, Ken Turner
  • Scene 8. Annette Haven, Lesllie Bovee, Johnnie Keyes
  • Scene 9. Enjil Von Bergdorfe, Vernon Von Bergdorf
  • Scene 10. Candida Royalle, guy, John Leslie
  • Scene 11. Desiree West, guy
  • Scene 12. Annette Haven, Johnnie Keyes
  • Scene 13. Justina Lynn, guy
  • Scene 14. Annette Haven, John Leslie
  • Scene 15. Lesllie Bovee, Johnnie Keyes
  • Scene 16. Lesllie Bovee, John Leslie
  • Scene 17. Annette Haven, Candida Royalle
  • Scene 18. Monique Starr, John Leslie
  • Scene 19. Enjil Von Bergdorfe, Vernon Von Bergdorf
  • Scene 20. girl, Ken Turner
  • Scene 21. Sharon Thorpe, guy