Scandalo al sole (1995)

Listed mysteriously in IMDb with an Italian title taken from Delmer Daves’ classic Hollywood picture “A Summer Place”, this collaboration by pornographers Luca Damiano and Joe D’Amato is merely a 1-day wonder shot apparently with cast & crew making a more elaborate movie “Dreams of a Country Girl” back in 1995.

It’s U.S. release title of “Sea, Sex, and Fun” from In-X-Cess Productions has hid it away from audiences since its dumping Stateside in 2003, but I pulled my copy out of its dusty storage and gave it a whirl.

It is surprisingly true to the mindless hedonism of the original 1950s and 1960s Nudist Camp soft-softcore features, made by the likes of Charles Saunders in Britain and such local favorites as Doris Wishman and Herschell Gordon Lewis in Florida.

Francesco Malcom and his girlfriend drive to a Nudist Camp and for the rest of the short movie have non-stop sex with a friendly blonde tour guide played by Laura Palmer and a grand total of a dozen people. Wardrobe budget is frugally minimized by having only the duo clothed (film ends when they put their clothes back on and head home, a logical conclusion), the other 10 cast members nude throughout.

This includes orgies, a tryst with a guy described as Neanderthal (same actor was derided in another In-X-Cess release “Penelope” as a cave man) played by Silvio Evangelistia, a balding player notable only as the biggest dick around.

Title’s mention of the sea is a fakeroo, as we get a tiny pond and a minuscule, cheap excuse for an outdoor pool, and that’s it. This is assembly-line porn production at its chintziest.