French Satisfaction (1983)

Alternate Titles
À plein sexe de tous les côtés
À pleins sexes original French title
Hôtesses très spéciales title of Blue One DVD (1 hr 10½ mins) with Les Patientes du gynecologue and Parfums de lingeries intimes
Parfums de lingeries intimes Fil à Film Prestige video (but confusion with this title being re-used for another title on the same Blue One DVD) Satisfaction à la Française ?
Slam Bang USA, Command Video

There are no no credits to the Ribu release of this film but the French release says 1983 and gives the director as Michel Jean. It is either a prequel or a sequel to Diamond Baby.

Castlist of the French release (in the order and spelling as per the credits) – Richard Allan, Elizabeth Buree,Martine Cappalo, Alban Ceray, Françoise Countes, Diane Dubois, Jacques Gatteau, Sophie Granier, Barbara Legrand, Sylvain Mandar, Marianne Maubert, Gabriel Pontello, Sybill Solitaire, Zoubap

Richard Lemievre has sex with his wife before going to work (anal). The wife is probably Esther Allen.

Alban’s live-in girlfriend, a slightly older brunette, ‘Nathalie Lefevre’ (XNK0127), has b/g with Alban, b/g with Gabriel Pontello as Alban returns from prison.

A prison visitor (older blonde, Diane Dubois) has b/g in cell with Alban (facial).

Alban’s second girlfriend (blonde, Laura Clair), has a b/g scene with Alban.

An older blonde streetwalker, gives a bj to the bent cop in the cellar of a bar. This is Elisabeth Buré.

Alban visits the fence and finds him with two girls – a platinum blonde (Marianne Wäckerle), and a slim brunette, Barbara Legrand, and there is a foursome. The fence’s black manservant listens to this and gets turned on enough to give himself a blowjob and then accost the fence’s maid (XNK0128), b/g on kitchen table.

A slightly older brunette (XNK0129) has a b/b/g scene with the two cops, anal.