Adolescence pervertie (1974)

Director: José Bénazéraf
Notes: French/Italian co-production. c. 84/91 mins. Hard version exists.
Alternate Titles
Adolescenza perversa Italy

Three of the four main characters speak, or are dubbed into, French, the rest, including Georgina, speak Italian.

Credited cast not included in the database:

  • Hervé Hallf plays Alain
  • Véronique Col plays Georgina

The French version, as shown with a 16 rating on French TV, has some brief hardcore and hard-ish moments: a blowjob administered by an uncredited blonde (XNK6896), a lesbian encounter (essentially soft, but more explicit than the Benussi/longo scene) by two more uncredited females (one is XNK6897), Hervé Hallf having his semi-erect penis fondled by an uncredited brunette in another scene and a few scenes of light masturbation by Ms Benussi herself. However, this version lacks nearly all of the final scene (included in an export version) where Benussi’s body double administers a blowjob to three anonymous males. Only the non-explicit beginning of the triple bj is included.

Véronique Col looks like a ‘pre-incarnation’ of Catherine Zeta Jones. This title is her only credit on imdb, but it would be surprising if she had not appeared in other films, probably softcore films beyond our scope here, though her role is non-nude and her one (soft) sex scene may not even be her as her face is not visible.