Erotiki Yperentasi (1977)

Alternate Titles
Call-Girl French hardcore version, visa no. 31319d, 89 mins, video release by VIP-video, France
The Mark International title To Simadi literal translation – the Mark, second Greek title used after its European success
Simio Thanatou G Greek DVD title, soft version
Toro – vergine incontro ravvicinato Italy

Directed by – Ilias Mylonakos
Stars – Artemis Charmy, Claudine Beccarie, Carole Gire, Haris Tryfonas

“Martha has a chest of gold and everyone wants to get their hands on it!”

Erotic crime drama from the director of Operation Orient. Story of stolen gold that is hidden and all the back stabbing and double crosses
various groups go through in trying to find it. Blonde beauty Artemis Charmy stars and has some hot girl – girl sex scenes with Claudine
Beccarie. Plenty of hot chicks to go along with a good story. This print is from the Greek Erotica Collection dvd and runs longer than the
old Private Screenings vhs.

Quite a complicated story in which Beccarie is the lesbian friend of a blonde woman who is after the gold of a bunch of thugs, where Trifonas (Barbarossa) does the dirty work (he also has some peculiar hard scenes), beating and fucking the daughter of the boss and her stepsister (or something like that), besides the killing of other thugs. As in many of these mid seventies adult thrillers from Greece, every character has reason to be very cross with about every body else; no one can be trusted, and they always make love out of calculation or purely gratuitously. This gives the sex scenes some sort of intenseness that make these movies a genre apart. Add to this the very hot weather, the ubiquitous water and the downbeat music on crumar by Babis Alepis.