Il macellaio (The Butcher) (1998)

Synopsis from AllMovie:
A best-selling French novel by Alina Reyes is the source for this erotic Italian drama that changes the novel’s heroine from butcher-shop cashier to an art-gallery owner (Italian TV hostess Alba Parietti), married to a famed orchestra conductor (Lorenzo Majnoni). Her husband is away when her doctor tells her to eat more red meat. She visits the butcher (Yugoslav actor Miki Manojlovic), and a wild affair begins — with explicit sex scenes intercutting concert-scene crescendos with orgasmic sighs and rhythms.

It seems that director Aurelio Grimaldi did not waste the viewer’s time with irrelative details. The central theme of story is about an upper class wife (Alba Parietti) who owns an art gallery, finds herself attracted to the thing she always disliked. Being a vegetarian, one day, she dropped down and was taken to a psychologist, who recommended that she should start eating meat since her body is lacking iron vitamin. While her husband away, she was exposed to the world of meat and the process of meat-cutting in the butcher’s shop. She forced herself to accept the change from being a vegetarian to a normal meat consumer. Then, and towards the second part of the movie, the story takes a different track. It is a soft-porno, and it fits in the genre of erotica. Alba Parietti face’s expression during the process of meat-cutting in the butcher’s shop push the art of erotic films two steps ahead. I highly recommend this movie for some who enjoys erotica as an art.

The kinky Italian import Il Macellaio (1998) is also known as The Butcher–and let the sausage jokes begin! Alba Parietti is the fetching vegetarian who opens her mind and mouth to the sensual world of Miki Manojlovic’s butcher shop. It’s doctor’s orders that she start eating meat, but she soon discovers that a butcher’s block is also inspiration for a cock lock.