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Il diavolo nella carne (1991)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Studio: Filmirage

Starring: Tracy Ray, Carmen Di Pietro, Nicole Grey, Jennifer Loeb, Robert LaBrosse, Wayne Camp, Harold Evans
Description: Dough-crazed mercenaries Sammy and Klaus are on a mission to escort the seriously ill prime minister of a South American country that has just been taken over by the rebels to his buddies over the border. Chased by the rebels, and with the politician’s health rapidly deteriorating, they stumble onto an infirmary staffed by a quartet of nurses and take them hostage, forcing them to cure the prime minister, and fast. After an initial abuse, romantic feelings begin to emerge as Helga has it off with Klaus, Katrin with Sammy, and Sophie with Hellen…until a squadron of rebels drops in