El periscopio (1979)

Directed by José Ramón Larraz, who gave us classic 70s erotic horror Vampyres, and written by Sergio Garrone, whose nazisploitation flick SS Experiment Camp comfortably made it onto the official video nasty list, And Give Us Our Daily Sex is a silly sex farce made notable by the presence of cult Euro sleaze actress Laura Gemser, and the unexpected inclusion of a couple of explicit close-ups amidst the predominantly soft-core shenanigans.

Gemser plays one of a pair of sexy bisexual nurses living in an apartment building one floor up from a middle-aged couple and their teenage son Albert, who is only too happy to have the randy rug-munchers in the apartment above: whilst gorgeous Gemser is getting it on with her equally luscious lover, Albert is busy putting his new science project—a periscope—to good use by spying on the lingerie-wearing lovelies.

Meanwhile, Albert’s mother is being even naughtier than her precious little boy, sneaking off for some extra-marital sex while her hair-obsessed husband is at the salon, having his follicles tended to.

Garrone’s script is mostly uninspired and often dreadfully unfunny, although the scene in which nurse Gemser is called in to relieve a mysterious pain in Albert’s nads is enjoyably daft (and also features the first unexpected close-up: a blink and you’ll miss it ‘nob’ shot), whilst a little invention is eventually displayed in a sub-plot which sees the mother devise an ingenious scheme to bring home an expensive fur coat—paid for by money from her lover—without raising the suspicion of her husband.

AKA Malizia Erotica