Les charnelles (Sins of the Flesh) (1974)

Benoit has been driven to voyeurism and impotence due to having a cold, treacherous industrialist as a father and an exhibitionist aunt who constantly parades around nude. Jean-Pierre is a thief. Isabelle is a runaway whose stepfather tried to rape her. When the three cross paths, criminal activity, rape, madness and murder follow in this psycho-drama filled with soft-core sex.

A fascinating, rarely seen French hybrid of crime film and psychedelic erotica from Claude Mulot made on the heels of his memorable horror film The Blood Rose (and just before his plunge into full-on hardcore). The core of the film is a fascinating triangle of sorts between a dysfunctional rich brat (Francis Lemonnier), a young car thief (Patrick Penn), and a young women (Jess Franco regular Anne Libert) on the run from her abusive stepfather. A killer music score by Eddie Vartan and some great French country atmosphere make this one a winner, and for once the English dub is actually pretty solid if you aren’t in the mood to read subtitles.

Alternate Titles
Émotions secrètes d’un jeune homme de bonne famille
Nevro France, video title
Sex Without Love UK