Centrespread (1981)

Director: Tony Paterson
Studio: Australian Film Productions

Starring: Kylie Foster, Paul Trahair, Mark Watson, Ivor Louis, Jack Neate, Edson Annan, Paula Carter, Colin Moglia, Carmen J. McCall, Helina McCall, Mark Bonnet, Nicci Lane, Simon Boyce, Julie Christy, Amber

Description: The Story of a photographer’s struggle in the glamorous world of nude modeling.

The ultimate society…where sex is freely available!

A rare copy of this very rare (and forgotten) Aussie existentialist exploitation sci-fi film (channelling Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece “Persona” in editing style) featuring a bunch of “actors” (actually some former Aussie Penthouse Pets) who were never to be heard of again and made during the tax concession 10BA period.

There is a vague sci-fi plot supported by some truly ridiculous futuristic camera gear. The female lead is a centrefold model who shows no evidence of having been to acting school and thankfully hasn’t been heard of since. The male leads plays his camp character as dislikable, pretentious and effete.

In a sinister and totalitarian future, Gerard has the job of photographing tightly scripted government-sponsored violence-and-sex pornography, and is commissioned to find the ultimate woman to pose nude for a centrespread in a magazine…which is just an excuse for wall-to-wall full frontal nudity and soft core lesbianism or woman-on-woman action in the photgraphics studio, on the beach, in the shower, etc…