Delicato (1970)

Shot in vivid color and set to the drone of a psychedelic sitar, Passport To Pleasure is a vintage ’70s Adults Only feature that takes you behind the closed bedrooms doors of the most adventuresome, shaggy-haired, mod practitioners of free love!
Globe trot to the most exotic and erotic hot spots in the world in this trippy, mod era voyeuristic voyage! In Denmark, eavesdrop on sexual freedom in action! See a bizarre lesbian queen and her love slave! Spy on a threesome of uninhibited hippies! Travel to the French Riviera where fun in the sun leads to boudoir decadence! Finally, the odyssey of lust brings you to Spain where a young woman witnesses a savage bullfight, inspiring her to take the next step to fulfill her own wild fantasies!

Director: Nick Phillips [Nick Millard]
Stars: Maria Arnold, Suzanne Fields and Lynn Harris
Copenhagen, Denmark
Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, Alpes-Maritimes, France
Madrid, Spain
Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

In his short interview Nick Millard indicates this European travelogue was inspired by the big b.o. grosses earned by MONDO CANE, but his film plays more like Russ Meyer’s EUROPE IN THE RAW. Other than a brief bullfighting segment, it’s strictly sex rather than the gross-outs and oddities so beloved by fans of the “Mondo” genre.
The porn would be classified as a strong X, with emphasis on lesbian sex, full frontal nudity and especially prominent the colorful patent leather high boots for women that is Nick’s cinematic trademark. Shot MOS, the soundtrack has a femme voice-over and varied musical score, ranging from sitar music and psychedelic rock to blues and jazz harpsichord.
The lovely cast of porno stars are photographed in motel room-style interiors, so it is highly likely they were shot back on the West Coast, after Nick had gathered photogenic location footage of Copenhagen, Toledo and the French Riviera. A poster advertising the 1970 Jean Gabin movie “La Horse” indicates when the travelogue shots were filmed.