La sposa (The Bride) (1995)

Working as Max Bellocchio, Alessandro Del Mar piloted many a Euro Porn feature, not very creative but meat & potatoes sex for the masses a decade or two back. This one has Erika Bella in the title role doing her thing, and not much else to recommend it.

Structure has her in lovely wedding dress in the back seat of a Lincoln limo with her godfather Christophe Clark, en route to the church for her to get married. She reminisces various sexual exploits, predictably seduces Clark for the final reel sex scene, and then arrives late to get hitched for a forced and unconvincing happy ending. The best that can be said for that lame finale is a final freeze frame in which I detected (or imagined, more likely), a sneer on Erika’s kisser as she posed with the groom for wedding pictures.

Sex is routine and plenty of anal action which was the calling card of Euro porn back when. Bella looks great and I suppose the fetish of sex in a bridal gown is delivered as part of the package.