Case of the Full Moon Murders (1973)

Is Emma a voyeur vampire who can turn into a bat? Apparently, and she leaves many smiling faces on her victims after going down on them during a full moon. A man’s body is found, the victim of a female vampire who doesn’t go for the neck. What is Exhibit A? And how can it solve the mystery of the wildest sex comedy ever. The Suspect, a beautiful girl whose unusual way with men can ruin their chances for life. The Victim, a male body found in a very stiff state with a big smile on his face. The Detective, led on a merry sex chase through strip poker games and wild parties to trap the suspect. When they’re not having sex with their suspects, two cops investigate the murders.

Long before “Friday The 13TH”, Sean Cunningham made this little beauty. It’s actually the best movie he’s ever made!
The story goes like this. A young girl realises she needs nourishment in the form of blood, and what better way to get it than through felatio!!!
So she breaks into people’s houses during the night and does the dirty with the sleeping male occupants. The police (very akin to the Keystone Cops/Dragnet) are baffled by these dead males with massive erections and grins on their faces. I dont really want to give to much more away, but I will say this… SEE IT! It is genuinely a hilarious movie, especially Harry Reems running around with his penis spray painted silver!
I first saw this movie in the mid-1970’s at the local drive-in. It was very popular in Australia both in mainstream movie theatres and then at drive-in theatres (whatever happened to them?).
The nudity and sex are mild by today’s standards. The “Dragnet” style dialogue is amusing and effective.Not a classic but worth watching.

The Case of the Smiling Stiffs
Case of the Smiling Stiffs
Sex on the Groove Tube
El caso de los asesinatos de la luna llena
Snutar med sting i batongen
Night of the Full Moon Murders
Silver Cock
Sliver C

Sheila Stuart – Emma
Jed Ziegler – Ice Cream Vender
Cathy Walker – Caroline
Kenny Abston – Chuck
Geoffrey Knowles – Beau
Victoria Holloway – Daisy
Fred J. Lincoln – Joe
Ron Millkie – Frank
Harry Reems – Silverman
Sally Ziegler – Joe’s Mother
Ann Marshall – Nora
Jean Jennings – Strip Poker Girl
Debbie Craven – Strip Poker Girl
Sandra Peabody – Strip Poker Girl
Harold Robinson – Couple Watching T.V.
Christine Robinson – Couple Watching T.V.