Was Schulmädchen verschweigen (What Schoolgirls Don’t Tell) (1973)

Another Ernst Hofbauer schoolgirl exploiter in the same vein as his Schoolgirl Report films, but for this one he raised the sleaze level to new heights with non-pornographic scenes of rape, pedophilia, satanic rituals, virgin sacrifice and golden showers. Despite how it sounds, these acts are played for silly comedy rather than any harsh imagery.

A lot of nudity as you would hope and expect, the film is a series of erotic encounters with young and beautiful women. Ernst Hofbauer (director behind many of the Schoolgirl Report films and other misc. sexploitation films) directed this wild german sexploitation film which is definitely one of the sleazier ‘report’ style films of the period. Comprised of a series of short stories in which schoolgirls are involved in various sexual situations and a definite must have for fans of German sexploitation films of the 70s. Stars Christina Lindberg and Ulrike Butz. C’mon, Christina, nuff said. But don’t expect a Citizien Kane-like masterpiece, it’s still shitty smut shit.

Alternate Titles
Secrets of Sweet Sixteen USA
What Schoolgirls Don’t Tell UK