À pleine bouche (1977)

Alternate Titles
Lingua calda Italy Mit vollem Mund West Germany, Beate Uhse L’Obsédée Les Obsédées Alpha France video title

The film starts with Alain driving his car along a freeway and looking forward to seeing his wife Lisa again. At home he gets a bad surprise when he catches her in the act with another guy named Patrick. After she has enjoyed riding him cowgirl style he shoots a load across her neck.

After a short dispute our desperate hero drives away but cannot get her out of his head. In a flashback he remembers their wedding night and the passionate sex they shared. Despite being disappointed he decides to return, but she has left. Being depressed he aimlessly drives around until he gives a lift to a young couple, Fabienne and Jacques, and takes them home.

On their way Fabienne unzips Jacques’ pants on the backseat, lowering her lips around his cock. After he has exploded in her mouth her tongue slides along his shaft making sure to clean him up.

At night the sounds of her moaning draws Mr lonely heart’s attention. He watches Fabienne caressing herself with a dildo while stroking off Jacques’ dick on her belly. Jacques leaves and Alain takes over. After a short while Jacques returns for a threesome including a dp, but it’s not clear whether both guys penetrate her simultaneously because lighting is quite poor.

Next day they are visited by another couple, Marie and Jean. Outdoors, on an orange blanket, the girls get banged in wild group sex action. Fabienne sucks off Jean while Jacques spurts a huge amount of cum all over Marie’s face. In the bedroom the two girls then do some 69 with Alain watching them.

The next day Alain departs. In another flashback he screws Lisa on a washing room table with her legs over his shoulders.

Searching for his wife, he visits her best friend, Ariane. She doesn’t know where Lisa is but gives him a hand in another way. In the living room he takes her doggy and wanks over her face.

Ariane then leads him to his rival Patrick. Quickly she unbuttons her top and climbs on a ladder. She requests Patrick to kneel down on a flipper beside her and shoves his dick into her mouth. Alain moves behind her and the scene ends with a faked facial.

The two guys become friends and decide to search for Lisa together. On their way they have another threesome with Ariane. In an outdoor scene Patrick takes her in the missionary position while Alain gets a blowjob. The hot but short scene ends with Patrick cuming on her belly and Alain spurting his cum on her face.

When the couple get reunited they immediately start having some romantic fun in a beautiful garden beside a small lake. After a short blowjob Alain takes Lisa doggy style before they move to reverse cowgirl position and close the action with a belly cumshot. Ariane and Patrick join them and in the end Alain and Lisa are brought to orgasm again lying side by side holding each other’s hands.

They decide to get Fabienne and Jacques in the game and visit them on the next day. Lisa then has outdoor sex with four guys. With a dick in her mouth she gets penetrated from behind jerking off two guys with her hands. After dinner the party goes on with Marie kneeling in front of Fabienne licking her clit. Then she climbs on the table and undresses. Patrick starts sliding a finger into her pussy. Next Lisa lays down on the table. Jacques spreads her legs and starts screwing her. Marie gets fucked in the same position. The two girls kiss each other. Alain takes Fabienne doggy with semen dropping on the camera. Fabienne strokes another guy off on her tits while a third load splatters on a food plate.

This (road) movie is definitely a must-see. The girls are beautiful, especially Erica Cool and the sex is rather exciting. There are a lot of outdoor scenes which take place in a very relaxed atmosphere. All actors seem to have a lot of fun.