Zimmermädchen machen es gern (1975)

Alternate Titles
4x Sex im Bumsmotel VHS collection of the four-part Super 8 version
Im Gasthaus zum scharfen Hirschen soft version
Bienenstich im Liebesnest

High jinks at a guesthouse which is staffed by chambermaids (Karin Lorson and Elke Kraus) wearing tunics but no skirts (and Sepp Gneissl as a porter) and is used by local men for have-it-away days with their mistresses. It also provides female “bed warmers” for an extra charge of 100 DM.

While the owner and the porter carry a girl (XNK0565) upstairs, a couple check in for a naughty weekend. They register with false names as a married couple. Manager Herr Engelmann and chambermaid Marienne tell each other at the desk that they both desire the girl. The girl, Hannelore Reitzler (Christine Szenetra), is a high-school virgin who intends to alter that state of affairs, but this ambition to be deflowered is frustrated by her boyfriend’s tendency to premature ejaculation. After some unsuccessful practical sex education from chambermaid Marienne (Karin Lorson), the embarassed boyfriend leaves the following morning. Hannelore tells Marienne that she is afraid of her strict father back home. Marienne sees this as an opportunity. She offers Hannelore the chance to stay there and work as a chambermaid. So her virginity problem may also be solved by Engelmann who has a “rape fetish” and tries each girl before the guests do. Thanks to the chambermaid’s skilful tongue, Hannelore accepts the offer. Her work involves having sex with the male guests, or at least teasing them, and getting into bed with a couple (which includes XNK4607) and giving the male a hand job. On her first day at work, she makes a deal with a regular guest, Herr Schill, to give her virginity to him. However, Oskar the porter is after her too…

There is also a female cat burglar (Uschi Stiegelmaier) wandering round, seducing the male guests when caught red-handed, and a suspicious wife (Patricia Rhomberg, giving a soft core performance as Frau Schill) in search of an errant husband. She catches him redhanded and books in so that she can take her revenge with her taxi-driver and others. Evelin (Angelika Hefner) comes to the guesthouse with her boyfriend but agrees to become the mistress of Direktor Peusen (the priest in Josefine Mutzenbacher). Sonja Winkler (XNK0570) comes to the guesthouse to “study” with her maths teacher Prof. Nothnagel. Hannelore knows her from school and she informs Sonja’s parents.

Hannelore’s father arrives and she enlists the help of the other chambermaids to blackmail him into silence. A police raid catches the Landrat (the highest executive of a Landkreis) in bed with the cat burglar. Eventually Hannelore leaves and is replaced by another guest (Biggi Stenzhorn).