Live Nude Shakespeare (1997)

Much to the surprise of Shakespearean scholars around the globe, our researchers have determined that the immortal bard had NOT originally intended for his work to be performed by male actors of questionable sexual preference in goofy looking robes, but rather by BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN IN PROGRESSIVE STAGES OF UNDRESS.

Sadly, the stifling mores of the day forced him to sanitize his creative vision. But thanks to the tireless efforts of our research staff, and the fortuitous invention of home video, we can now bring you William Shakespeare, AS NASTY AS HE WANTED TO BE!

Literary scholar and porn master Dr. Waldorf “Stinky” Emerson-Biggins (rumored to be a distant relative of Leonard Pyth-Garnell from the classic “Bad Cinema” feature on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) takes you on an enlightening, informative, and ultimately revealing journey, on stage and behind the scenes of the smash off-broadway hit LIVE NUDE SHAKESPEARE.

Revel in the cerebral excitement of watching these fetching young thespians strip away the bindings of antiquated artistic convention — along with most of their clothes!

If you thought that the only things missing from SPINAL TAP were Shakespearean soliloquies and naked women, then LIVE NUDE SHAKESPEARE is for you!