A Mulher Que Inventou o Amor AKA The Woman Who Invented the Love [1979]

Doralice is a naive and romantic young woman who ends up becoming a successful prostitute. Known as the Queen of the Moan, her situation improves after meeting Doctor Perdigão, an old millionaire who chooses her for his exclusive lover. He changes his name to Talulah and starts chasing César Augusto, a TV actor whom he has always admired, managing to seduce him. Caesar submits to Talulah’s wishes, which teaches him all the secrets of his profession. Undecided between fascination and disgust for his wife, César ends up rejecting her. To make up for his suffering, Talulah gives himself over to other men just to humiliate them. He regains confidence in himself and, again, tries to attract the actor. Invite him to dinner and after they love each other Talulah kills him. Feeling at peace, Talulah hears the Bridal March alongside his dead lover