Bel Ami (1976)

A feature with Marie Forså and harry Reems. the film is a bit interesting. The director Mac Ahlberg left sweden and became a fine Cinematographer in Hollywood. Anyway this is a film from the Swedish pornography of the seventies. It is kind of cute if you compare with the stuff today.

“Bel Ami” is refreshing and funny, and is a real treat for fans of 70’s adult (XXX) cinema. There is an actual plot, the actors and actresses are both very attractive and perform just as well in the dialog-ridden scenes fully clothed as they do naked in their sex scenes, which are numerous. The film also has the almost non-stop euphoria of beautiful 70’s Euromusic on the soundtrack. This is a film that adults can view and not feel ashamed or embarrassed. Harry Reems of course is terrific and quite comical as the bumbling hero of the piece, bumping his head on an over-sized phallic sculpture in a so-called art studio, rolling down a grassy hill with the latest female to jump his bones, and trying to sneak a peak at the almost unbelievably beautiful Christa Linder as she showers. Another treat for genre fans is the presence of Jacqueline Laurent, best known for her harrowing roles in the Jess Franco films “Lorna the Exorcist” and “Sinner”. Here she looks beautiful, kicks back, and anxiously samples the physical charms of Mr. Reems, although the scenes between Mr. Reems and Ms. Laurent appear to be either soft core or director Ahlberg avoided showing penetration. And speaking of director Ahlberg, whose fine “I, A Woman” remains a classic, this film proves that ten years after “I, A Woman” he was able to move into more explicit fare and still retain the touch of class and dignity that many erotic filmmakers either lose or never have at all.

Alternate Titles
Bel ami – den stora överraskningen
Der Hurenbock