Bezeten – Het gat in de muur (1969)

This film is interesting in that it may be the rarest and most least well known film in the oeuvre Martin Scorsese, who co-wrote the script despite the film being a German-Dutch coproduction.  In other Scorsese connections, the film features a score by Bernard Herrmann.  As one might have already guessed by now, Besessen – Das Loch in der Wand AKA Bezeten – Het gat in de muur AKA Obsessions AKA Possessed is a Hitchcockian thriller that would certainly interest fans of Brian De Palma due to its more ‘exploitative’ approach to the Hitch brand of filmmaking.  The film also features Dutch auteur Fons Rademakers in an acting role.  Paul Verhoeven also contributed to the script, though he was not credited.