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El rollo de septiembre (1985)

Director: Mariano Ozores
Studio: Bermudez de Castro

Starring: Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, Antonio Ozores, Juanito Navarro, Pep Munne, Paula Molina, Sonia Martinez, Blanca Marsillach, Miguel Angel Valero, Gabino Diego, Curro Martin Summers, Mercedes Camins, Piona, Concha Rosales, Carolyn Arrayas, Joaquin Karlson, Pedro Lazaga, Diego Lillo, Chus Lampreave, Ricardo Tundidor, Francisco Camoiras, Pilar Bardem, Adrian Ortega, Marisol Ayuso, Alberto Fernandez, Emilio Fornet, Alejandra Grepi, Tessa Salazar, Anne Marie Rosier, Maria Alvarez, Analia Ivars, Tomas Gayo, Jose Luis Lemos, Jorge San Jose, Ramon Lillo, Irene Martinez
Description: Several underperforming high school students stay in school over the summer to qualify for a graduation transfer. The matter is complicated by the fact that the local alkald intended to demolish the school in order to build residential buildings in its place. To avoid this, it is necessary to urgently prove the effectiveness of the educational institution. But how to do this if negligent students are much more concerned with communicating with the opposite sex, and some of the young teachers are also not averse to forgetting about boring classes for a while