Des femmes pour Gourpanof (1983)

A dweeby office worker is hit by a car and patched up by two shady scientists. He swiftly becomes an invincible (and invisible) sex machine and starts to stalk his female coworkers who never used to give him the time of day.

Alternate Titles
Il Predatore invisibile Italy

Yves Callas is a wimpy accountant who lusts after office colleagues Eva Kleber and Marianne Aubert. He gets run down by Jacques Marbeuf while riding his motorised push bike home. Jacques picks up the body and takes it into his home. Jacques Marbeuf and Alban Ceray seem to be scientists of some sort and they experiment on Yves, making him into an intermittently and sometimes partially invisible android. He exploits this to take advantage of Cathy Ménard, invisibly, then of Beatrice Vidal, hands and cock visible, then Marianne and Eva, until the invisibility wears off completely.

Cathy Menard seems to be Alban’s wife. Christophe Clark is a postman who delivers to the office and has it away with Eva Kleber over the photocopier. Jean-Pierre Armand is the guard on the door of the office building who mocks Yves and ogles the girls. Arsene Lardin is Marianne’s boyfriend.

Director:J. Helbie
Notes:Video Marc Dorcel