Devassidão Total (1986)

Directed by Fauzi Mansur.
Starring: Neusa Dias, Márcia Ferro, Custódio Gomes.
Country: Brazil
Year: 1986

Today I present to you a weird Brazilian WIP porn. This movie was directed by Fauzi Mansur, who’s famous for his superb gory horrors “Ritual of death” & “Satanic attraction”. This is a strange movie about women in prison and wicked wardens who send hungry for sex men to their cells and even a sex-crazed gorilla who rapes one of the girls. Then a group of bandits attacks the lager and  begin to have sex with the girls. The movie ends up with the mass orgy and contains weird scenes with the lamp and pistol in vagina. Not my rip.

The plot is very simple: there’s women’s prison on the Island. First girls are being humiliated by wardens and then three local men take pistols, break into the prison and force girls to have sex with them. At the end they also break in the warden’s house and quarrel with each other that leads to fights and murder.