Metti lo diavolo tuo ne lo mio inferno (1972)

Italian sex comedy from the director of both Emanuelle Nera flims the ones with Gemser.
Typical stuff but even so funny enought, atypical exemple of teh commedia boccaccesca, still very rauchy with more hot nude scenes than usual even for the genre, lacks only to be a bit more known some of the Italian female big names of this films it has none, the main female star is Margaret Rose Keil, and on the Italian side its Piera Viotti . The story is about this guy Riccardo a true playboy of the Renascimento period, that gets envolved with the wrong lady and is condemn to death, who will save him, not the priest that seem to be abundant in the film.

Starring: Antonio Cantafora, Melinda Pillon, Margaret Rose Keil, Piera Viotti, Alessandra Maravia, Renate Schmidt, Silvana Gabor, Mario Frera, Mimmo Baldi, Luca Sportelli, Gennaro Masini, Lilio Berti, Giorgio Bixio, Antonio Vico, Mario De Vico

Alternative Title:
Put Your Devil Into My Hell
Ton diable dans mon enfer