Grimms Märchen von lüsternen Pärchen (1969)

This is a blast. A psychedelic trip through the Grimm`s fairytale universe in a adult version, that only could happen around 1969. Directed by Rolf Thiele and featuring a great cast with Walter Giller, Marie Liljedahl and Ingrid van Bergen. Music by: Joy And The Hitkids aka Joy Unlimited.

Director: Rolf Thiele
Studio: Caro-Film GmbH

Starring: Norbert Gastell, Wolfgang Hess, Thomas Piper, Mogens von Gadow, Roswitha Birkle, Evelyn Dutree, Gaby Fuchs, Walter Giller, Milos Gvozdich, Peter Hohberger, Kitty Kino, Marie Liljedahl, Hugo Lindinger, Eva Reuber-Staier, Stefan Seitz, Isolde Stiegler, Ingrid van Bergen
Description: The characters from the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Mother Goose, etc.) engaged in activities the Grimm Brothers probably wouldn’t approve of.

Alternative Title:
The New Adventures of Snow White
Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Adults