L’etreinte AKA The Embrace (1969)

‘The film introduces us to Michel, a young, rich man, who at the beginning of the film is throwing up in his kitchen sink during a wild, decadent, late-’60s party. We also discover that the last maid he had has quit, so a friend recommends he places an ad for a live-in aid. Shortly after, shy, young Gisele arrives at the lavish apartment building while Michel is at work, finding a note on the door telling the new help to come in. Michel had specifically wanted an older aid, but after meeting Gisele is convinced to let her stay.
Gisele is introduced to Michel’s wildly reckless lifestyle, and handles it almost completely apathetically, remaining virtually mute and vacant in response to all that’s going on around her. She just keeps up with her duties and keeps to herself.
One night, Michel tries to have a conversation with Gisele, discovering that she had once lived with her aunt and uncle, but her aunt got jealous when her uncle was paying more attention to her than his wife. So Gisele has more or less “escaped” to the city, and whether or not this is an improvement or not is not exactly ever revealed.
After their discussion, Michel more or less rapes Gisele and Gisele ends up falling in love with him, never having received that sort of ‘love’ before. Michel tells her that she is going to be his “O,” […] and he is going to teach her the ways of modern living and loving, vaguely explaining the narration that takes place in The Story of O.
Unfortunately for Gisele, Michel is no Sir Stephan. He doesn’t have the same type of character as the main players in Reage’s novel, rather, he’s simply seeking new sensations, and his handling of events complicates the relationship.’
– Esotika Erotica Psychotica

Written and directed by Paul Collet and Pierre Drouot  

Daniel Vigo – Michel  
Nathalie Vernier – Gisèle  
Laetitia Sorel – Leni  
Oscar Delmart – L’oncle  
Bernard Graczyk – Bernard  
Brigitte Kowaltjouk – Brigitte