Les baiseuses (1974)

’’The Depraved Youth-hood of Sabine B. paints a shocking picture of youth prostitution. A film that also presents a warning to parents with daughters…’’

The above synopsis, translated from the Dutch Stay Home Video release, ‘De Verdorven Jeugd Van Sabine B.’ tries to sell this film as something much more unsavoury than it actually is. Here’s a more committed attempt to outline the plot –

After her step-father tries to molest her, 16 year old ‘Julie Villeneuve’ (Laura Viala) runs away from her home in Brussels and hooks up with the more street-wise ‘Sabine’ (Bente Nielsen). They sign up with a sleazy modelling agency, but soon realise it would be more profitable to rob their employers. Unfortunately the police catch up with these two first-time crooks, who are then sent to a reformatory, run by the sadistic ‘Fabienne Meunier’ (Monica Swinn, in a role which clearly anticipates the ‘Prison Director’ she would play in Jesús Franco’s ‘Frauengefängnis’, 1975). During their stay the pair befriend another delinquent, ‘Isabelle’ (Isabelle Copejans, her face instantly recognisable from Jean Rollin’s ‘Les Démoniaques’, 1974), and after her outside accomplice, ‘Sam’ (Yves Collignon), manages to seduce and knock out the director, the four then make their escape. What follows is a series of adventures across Belgium and Holland, as this motley crew burgle a mansion, hold up a grocery store (very ambitious), take in new accomplices, get picked up in a nightclub, shag each other in various combinations and generally have a good time, until the back-stabbing starts and then the law finally catches up again…

Below, posters for the original Dutch theatrical run of 1975 (tag-lined, THE LOVE MACHINES OF THE ”GIVE LOVE CLUB”) and the subsequent US theatrical run of 1976 (designed by Elaine Gignilliat). –

Alternate Titles
La Candeur du diable
De verdorven Jeugd van Sabine B. Holland, video title of soft version, German sound, Dutch subtitles, Stay Home Video, 74 mins
Jailbait USA
Poesjes voor de Galg Belgium, Flemish title
The Pornogirls Belgium, hard version, Frecnh spoken, Dutch subtitles, 75 mins, also an English-dubbed version
That Girl is a TrampLes Violeuses

Anna Watican as Anne Watican
Bente Nielsen plays Sabine
Isabelle Copejans plays Isabelle
Laura Viala plays Julie, only appears in soft sequences
Monica Swinn plays Fabienne Meunier, director of girls reformatory

Actors: Monica Swinn