Amori, letti e tradimenti (1975)

Rome. The land-speculator Guido is looking for all ways to put his paws on the land of a young shepherd, Baldo. But stubborn Baldo refuses to sell it and Guido has to come to a compromise with the help of his sexy wife, Greta: he is given a permission to live inprosperous Guido’s residence in exchange for the sale of his property. After entering the house unmannered Baldo has privileges in sexual encounters with his wife and daughter Paola. Baldo and Guido gambles and Baldo wins Guido’s all assets. The conclusion is that Baldo is currently the owner of the villa and the lover of his wife and daughter, but, above all his a new business partner.

Starring: Marisa Mell, Don Backy, Ugo Bologna, Sonia Viviani, Malisa Longo, Enzo Spitaleri, Franco Cremonini, Riccardo Parisio Perrotti, Roberto Giraudo, Paola Maiolini, Alfredo Adami, Aristide Caporale, Paola D’Egidio, Luciano Martana, Marcello Martana
Description: Great Italian sexy Comedy starring sexy Marisa Mell