Ingénues libertines (1979)

Males –

  • Robert Leray plays the grandfather (archive footage)
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Jacques, the father
  • Dominique Aveline plays the delivery man (archive footage)
  • Pjotr Stanislas plays Albert, the valet
  • Gianni Vallone plays the boyfriend

An unidentified female plays the part of the stepmother.

Probably made up of scenes from other movies.

Marilyn Jess’s first scene seems to be the one from La Marie salope for she can be seen masturbating behind a door to a room where Robert Leray is being given a blow-job by Brigitte Verbecq who then ends the scene in lesbian action with Monique Carrère. Later on Marilyn is introduced to Jacques Marbeuf and teases him in a white room.

The film opens with Véronique (Elodie Delage) teasing Jean in his pink and red bedroom. He’s a bit reluctant for fear his parents might come in. And indeed his step-mother pops in and throws Véronique out. The son is in for some reproaches about his lack of involvement at school now that the exams are near. His father (Jacques Marbeuf) threatens him with being sent to some boarding-school. Meanwhile, the maid Julie (Elisabeth Buré, dressed as a maid as they always are in those films!) is having a little chat – and more, since affinity there obviously is! -with Albert (Piotr Stan) the valet (And gee does he look like one!) – too bad the sound is so poorly dubbed. Jean’s father and step-mother are about to go away for the week-end.

Leaving their son with the servants. Jean immediately calls Véronique who comes right away. They soon find themselves back to where things were when the step-mother had interrupted them. This scene is mixed up with another scene between the two servants (Elisabeth Buré has never been so exciting. But the music is terrible! And where do these close-angle shots of ducks come from!?)

Morning. Julie wakes up Jean who reads a letter written from Véronique. Julie reads it too and congratulates Jean for “being a man now”. She tells him about his grandfather. Then comes a scene where Marilyn Jess (Jean’s real mother?) masturbates as she is spying on the grandfather (Robert Leray) in bed with his maid and lover (Brigitte Verbecq) and an obvious friend of hers (Monique Carrère). Monique kisses Jean to celebrate their new friendship. Strong frienship indeed which leads them together to bed (we must admit that the bed was in fact very near. Ah that pink and red bedroom!)

Albert finds a letter from Jean’s grandmother and we are treated to what seems like the beginning of the above-mentioned threesome before Robert Leray comes in – and Marilyn Jess still behind the door, masturbating). We learn that the grand mother also had an affair with her servant (Dominique Aveline) and we are even allowed to witness one of their encounters in the kitchen (definitely not the type of kitchen you’d find in a house with two servants. But who cares?!- with Marilyn Jess eavesdropping as usual but this time dressed in those black leather-like shorts that we have seen her so often wear (as in La Femme objet). Notice the cheesy circus-like music heard in the background! A real turn off! Hell of a good blowjob though. Three cheers for Brigitte Verbecq!

Jean gets a phone call from friends who have just arrived at the station. (some more shots from the river – some sort of editing mistake I guess). Véronique turns up soon followed by Jean’s friends (Sophie Guers and a latin-looking boy).

Party time – cigarettes, alcohol and card games.Everybody ends up naked. And that includes the servants. Jean makes it with Julie, Véronique is busy with Sophie Guers with a little help from the latin friend. (Oh that terrible soundtrack! That flute playing on a rock beat so often heard in in so many French films of the time). Véronique ends up with Jean and every man comes on his female partner as the porn rules in these days had it.

Julie tells Jean about his father’s vices and we can see Brigitte Verbecq dressed as a maid (no longer grandma then!) bring Marilyn Jess to Jacques Marbeuf. The young lass teases him and after he has licked her, Brigitte practises a little enema on her (for Frank Zappa fans: “apparently there was no law against that!” wink! wink!) Jean can’t believe his ears.

When his parents come home they decide to have a little talk with their son, and the film ends on Véronique hidden in his cupboard. Not a bad film, but definitely better with the sound off!

Notice that the scenes involving Marilyn Jess, Robert Leray, Monique Carrère, Brigitte Verbecq, Jacques Marbeuf (some of them) and Dominique Aveline are taken from La Marie salope.