Das Haus der geheimen Lüste (1979)

This late seventies Hans Billian production was obviously an entry in the then popular ‘period porn’ genre instigated by Josefine Mutzenbacher and the like. As usual it is hard to find any actor or actress in the entire film that could be considered attractive, and therefore none of the sex scenes are particularly exciting. However, the film did get dubbed into English for an early Eighties video release in the USA and it is the dub which makes it worthwhile. From the opening lines the characters are throwing insults and scoffs at each other that made me smile. Also amusing are all the Instrumental versions of ‘The Entertainer’, ‘House of the Rising Sun’ ‘Kumbaya’ and other, less recognizable standards off the same record playing in the background.

Alternate Titles
La Casa del placer secreto Spain
Josefine Mutzenbacher’s Haus der geheimen Lüste Herzog DVD title Passions secrètes France
Secret Passions USA
Tabu Erotic Fire – Veronikas frivole Spiele Tabu 5208, superficially a loop collection, but in fact these are the loops of Das Haus der geheimen Lüste with a bonus US loop at the end