Pet of the Month: Mariwin Roberts (1978)

This forgotten porn film demonstrates clearly the dichotomy between competent photography and any semblance of filmmaking ability. It’s not a movie at all, but over an hour of Silent Era travelogue plus explicit sex.

The concept was to showcase in XXX mode the charms of Mariwin Roberts, who looks more like a Miss USA beauty contest winner than one of Bob Guccione’s stable of models. Seeing her hump lame-o Gerry Roberts (presumably her husband) over and over is what you get, extremely boring after a while.

The opening credits advertise two other actresses, but they have fleeting non-sex bit parts as secretaries working with our heroine. Film is lamely framed as “what I did on my summer vacation” as Roberts tells them of her romance in Hawaii. The video box is even more misleading, listing several fictitious names of actresses plus “and more” when in fact this is as close to the two-hander cast format of SLEUTH as you can get.

There is no attempt here at developing any sort of storyline, drama, conflict -ANYTHING. Instead we have sometimes soft focus, sometimes sharp visuals, of the duo making love. Gerry looks like a Neanderthal, a muscle-bound weight lifter who has blank facial expression and basically just humps Mariwin and delivers money shots.

Besides the tedious sex scenes, film is padded with attractive but pointless hang-gliding footage and the duo occasionally wandering around in town or on the beach. It is pointless in the extreme, and the ending of her (nude) parting from Gerry and returning to her humdrum existence back in the office was a bummer.

Obviously staring at Mariwin is its own reward, but it is amazing how little thought went into this project. It was shot MOS, with very crude dubbing of stupid dialogue, which the filmmakers abandon midway through -the silent format probably put them to sleep as it must certainly have done to a significant portion of the theatrical audience way back when.