Taboo (1980)

A woman who’s husband leaves her is sexually frustrated by the absence of a lover in her life. Avoiding the lecherous advances of the men she meets, she that finds her son’s interest in her exceeds the limits of their relationship. And to her shock, she finds herself excited by the prospect. Meanwhile, she does find a suitable man for herself, but things start heating up between mother and son…

Starring Kay Parker, Taboo is one of a handful of the most famous porn films of all time, and although released in 1980, it follows on from the more artistic porn films of the 70s. Although not as artistic as films like Behind the Green Door, it does have its moments, such as when Barbara imagines being at the centre of the orgy that she earlier witnessed. However, it is one of the most genuinely erotic of porn films, exploring the ‘taboo’ theme of incest between a mother and a son. It’s a shame only very few porn films are continued to be made in the same vein as films like Taboo.

  • Scene 1. Kay Parker, Turk Lyon
  • Scene 2. Dorothy Lemay, Tawny Pearl, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 3. Juliet Anderson, Miko Yani, Don Fernando
  • Scene 4. Dorothy Lemay, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 5. Brooke West, Holly McCall, Lisa K. Loring, Sarah Harris, Starr Wood, T.J. Carson, Valerie Paulson, Gary Eberhart, Ken Scudder, Jeff Scott, Jeremiah Jones, Jesse Adams, Lee LeMay
  • Scene 6. Kay Parker, faceless guy
  • Scene 7. Kay Parker, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 8. Kay Parker, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 9. Miko Yani, Don Fernando
  • Scene 10. Juliet Anderson
  • Scene 11. Juliet Anderson, Miko Yani, Don Fernando
  • Scene 12. Kay Parker, Michael Morrison