Liebesmarkt (Swap Meet at the Love Shack) (1973)

Dire German report film NOT redeemed even by the presence of Ingrid Steeger
lazarillo9 November 2013
I believe this film’s English title comes entirely from the fact that it was once acquired (no doubt very cheaply) in the early 80’s by UK porn magnate David Sullivan in order to fill a double bill with his own godawful “Emmanuelle in Soho”. To wit, this film has absolutely nothing to do with “Emmanuelle”, nor does it even contain a character named “Emmanuelle”. It basically seems to be another of the endless series of German “report” films from the 70’s. These films started out with the most infamous (but also, frankly, the best) “schoolgirl-report” films, but then want on to encompass housewives, career girls, office girls, and here what seem to be (god only knows since it’s only available in German) “swingers”.

The basic plot here involves a wild, swinging sex party from which various guests occasionally digress to tell stories–which all involve other people having MORE sex. Nothing here is very interesting. even if I could understand what the hell’s going on (but I don’t really want to inflict this thing on someone who actually DOES understand German). It IS better than Sullivan’s “Emmanuelle in Soho” (even in German), but that’s saying absolutely nothing.

Beside the Sullivan connection, the only remotely interesting thing about this is the presence (in a brief scene) of Ingrid Steeger, who became enough of legitimate actress in Germany later to warrant a mostly German-language box-set of her earlier, uh, work. Steeger could always turn men’s trouser buttons into dangerous flying projectiles, and she got plenty of work in “report” films including “Schoolgirl Report 4″ (probably the best of the series), Hubert Frank’s “Unfaithful Wives” (probably the best “housewife-report” film”), “Swinging Stewardess” (which mixed a “report” film with some 70’s stewardess exploitation) and the wonderfully weird “Love in Three Dimensions”, which was one of several films she appeared in with famous Swedish sex sensation Christine Lindberg, and that gave the world its only chance to see Lindberg’s incredible breasts and Steeger’s amazing ass in fabulous 3-D! Her BEST film though is no doubt the alarmist and depressing “groupie” movie “Higher and Higher” (aka “I, a Groupie”), co-directed by Jack Hill. She was also in a lot of dreck though, and this might be the worst of the lot. She plays one half of a male-female couple hired to model(nude and having sex, of course) for an eccentric painter. I don’t know if it’s the worst scene of her career, but it is sadly the best scene in this dire ass of a movie.

Alternate Titles
Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers UK
Swap Meat at the Love Market USA, poster title