La grande giclée (1983)

Original nfo:
There is some confusion about the original French title of this film: The Italian “Kultvideo” (they sell the tape) claim it is Jean Rollin’s “Reves de sexes” – Wrong! They were probably lead to this conclusion because Rollin’s film was published in the Italian CINEMAs as “Possedute dal piacere” AND the director on the tape-cover is given as “Rene Xavier (Roberto Xavier is Rollin’s alias) AND they never watched their tape.

Looking at the “Possedute dal piacere identified cast list” shows that only “La grande giclée” by Pierre B.Reinhard (Mike Strong) gives a 100% match:

For completeness: Rollin’s “Reves du sexes” was published in France on tape as “Furia érotica”. In Italy on the other hand the title “Furia érotica” was given to the cinema release of the French film “J’ai pas de culotte” by Michel Caputo.

Why has the Italian publisher “Erotic temple” chosen the misleading title “Possedute dal piacere” for this film? I don’t know, Italian publishers like to “borrow” the titles of completely different films as much as they like to put the names of existing American actors on the covers of Italian releases of French films – casino Italiano! (or did they try to confuse the Italian censors?)

On the other hand, you can get rare classics that you can’t find elsewhere easily from those Italian sources

Alternate Titles
La Agencia del placer Brazil
Calling Sex – L’Appel du sexe
Possedute dal piacere Italy, possibly a stolen title

Annie Kouinard as?
Béatrice Vidal
Carole L’Yle
Diane Suresne plays a secretary
Marie-Christine Chireix
Tanya Valis