Kozijat rog (1994)

AKA The Goat Horn

Plot: Middle Ages: Bulgaria is under the Ottoman Empire. Somewhere, far in the mountains, goatherd Karaivan lives with his wife and little daughter, Mariya. One day Turks burst into the house and rape the woman before the eyes of the daughter and husband. After the rape, she is killed by a raper and the girl is shocked into growing dumb. From this moment on, Karaivan is obsessed with the sole thought of taking revenge. He moves with his daughter into a cave high in the mountains, raises her as if she is a boy, trains her to fight and draw a bow. Deep in her heart, the girl has no hatred, but a craving for love. She meets a young Muslim shepherd and falls in love. The father is unable to swallow it and kills the young man.

Directed by: Nikolay Volev
Screenplay by: Marin Damyanov, Nikolai Haitov, Nikolay Volev
Starring: Aleksandr Morfov, Elena Petrova, Petar Popyordanov