Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak (1975)

The film concerns the sexual awakening of Billy, an inept teenager who undergoes a series of humiliating but nevertheless arousing experiences. His peculiar traumatic experiences cause him to develop an insecurity about his ability to have a sexual relationship with a woman as well as a fetish for peanut butter. A young John Holmes, affecting an Irish accent, plays a seeming friend who piles further humiliation upon Billy. Finally Billy meets a soul mate, but we are left with an ambivalent conclusion. The non-consensual situations may leave some uncomfortable but watching Billy’s bumbling early sexual experiences be even more trying. Notable performances by Helen Madigan and Constance Money.

Quote:A lifetime of sexual near-misses and bad experiences, coupled with a bizarre peanut butter fetish brought about by a creepy, sexual encounter with an aunt, has soured Zachary Strong on his ability to land women. Fortunately for him, a brunette gas attendant, Helen Madigan, lends a sympathetic ear (…and pussy…) in helping him turn things around. Such is the case in “Confessions of a Teenager” (a.k.a. “Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak”), a decent, 1975 release from director Zachary Strong and Gourmet Video. While the plot is certainly wacky (and at times trippy) in this little fuck-flick from yesteryear–with its peanut butter theme and all–it’s still quite watchable, and the sex isn’t half-bad, either. A Constance Money anal is always a plus as is the work of Madigan, as well. While it’s likely going to appeal solely to a very specific audience–call them the “Golden Age” only group, this film still has enough merit to be worth checking out.