Humongous (1982)

A group of teens on a boat find themselves in a fogbound night only to run aground on the rocks of the mysterious ‘Dog Island’ right before their boat goes up in flames. As they gather on the shoreline, one of them goes missing, another is critically injured and four go searching for shelter. They then decide to venture into the still standing house to summon help from its occupants…if any. Luckily, there is someone still dwelling there, but unfortunately there’s something else out on the island growling in the dark and it ain’t no dog! And it is HUNGRY!.

The film “Humongous” has one strong point throughout the film, and that’s its foreboding sense of doom for the characters involved. The monster is hidden throughout most of the movie, but you get a good look at him in the end. Okay, yes, the film is boring at stretches, the production values aren’t great, but there’s something about this film that’s very distinct. Like I said, it’s the atmosphere. The uncut version has a few slight extra bloody scenes, but nobody gets killed in ways that would make Tom Savini sweat his career. Overall, the movie is average with an extra edge of “they don’t make them like they used to” working for it. I’m overjoyed to have this in my collection and will watch it again.