Premiers désirs (1984)

The three girls featured in this are very attractive, but there is little if any nudity. At best a bikini top, maybe one topless shot.

It had the potential to be a better film, but was quite slow moving, and other than hoping to see some teen-aged girls in various stages of undress, nothing to sustain my interest.

In the end it was worth watching because it is nice to see attractive girls at the beach, in the sun with unpolluted waters, and few obvious signs over commercialisation.

I would recommend it, as I would most girls’ coming of age films , as they educate at least one-half of the population as to what girls’ think, and then , to use Mel Gibson’s film, help us understand ‘what women want’.

Maybe there is a packaged David Hamilton film set, he only made five films, and it would be good to see all five as they are priceless treasures, as they portray beautiful innocence, in a bygone era.