Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose 3: Sexexpress aus Oberbayern (1977)

Neighboring villages Almendingen and Entenbach aren’t too fond of each other. Only Uschi, daughter of the mayor of Entenbach, and Siggi, son of the mayor of Almendingen like one other. One day the mayor of Almendingen gets the long-desired news that amalgamation of Entenbach is to be approved. Entenbach vows vengeance. A hired ‘Prussian’ and an Italian add to the confusion. Only through the Uschi and Siggi ‘Connection’ the altercation can be brought to a happy ending.

Quote:This film is rather unusual compared to its genre contemporaries. Most of these Bavarian sex comedies from the 1970s are distinctively sex films with a bit of comedy thrown in to provide not only comic relief but also a plot that holds everything together. Often, these comedy elements appear half-hearted and poorly cast – just enough to sustain the claim of being a feature film.
With this film it is the other way around. The comedy elements are dominant and the plot (about one village trying to swallow another, in terms of administrative control) is quite typical for this genre of rural comedy – especially if sex is completely absent. However, in order to get sufficient commercial interest the film makers added almost randomly a few bits of sex and nudity, and not exactly bits of the coy kind. Very little of this is properly connected to the main story, perhaps only the Romeo & Juliet type love story involving Judith Fritsch’s character. So what we have here is a rural Bavarian comedy with just enough sex and nudity thrown in to sustain the claim of being a sex film.