Une Photographe très spéciale (1980)

Claude is a photographer and is very strict and heartless. She terrifies her models and forces her friend Kathleen to pose in a humiliating situation. Kathleen loves her but would like to be freed from her power. She meets producer Francis Leblond who offers her a part in a film. Claude who is against her decision punishes her by tearing her dress. Kathleen remains alone and gets raped by a man who also steals what’s in her flat. At the same time, Claude gets her revenge on Charlotte who owns an agency and has humiliated her, by stealing her lover. When she comes home, Kathleen’s rapist is there. His name is Yann and he has found compromising documents and has full power over her now. In order to take his revenge on her (seems that he’s done a 3-year spell in jail because of her) he takes her body, her lover Kathleen and her flat. The film ends on Claude undergoing the humiliation she used to inflict on others.

From a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.