Insatiable (1980)

Director: Stu Segall (as Godfrey Daniels)  
Writer: Daniel Short  

CAST: Richard Pacheco, Mike Ranger, John Leslie, Marilyn Chambers, John C.  Holmes, Jesie St. James  

Sandra Chase (Marilyn Chambers), a model and now a successful actress, inherited a wealth from her parents who died in an air crash.  A beautiful estate near the Sacramento River, where she welcomes her relatives, such as Flo (Jessie St James), her agent, and partners in her upcoming movie, Renee Reynolds (Serena) and Roger Adams (John Leslie).  Being an orphan pushed Sandra to “burn the candle at both ends”, enjoy life to the fullest, without limits, especially in terms of sex.  And Sandra is plagued by a real sexual frenzy, which began a few years earlier when she was deflowered by her parents’ gardener, and continues today with most of the men and women she meets.  She is a sex addict assuming her condition, and she absolutely does not want to heal.  The pleasures of the flesh pursue her even in her dreams, where well-hung men make her suffer the last outrages. But Sandra Chase is insatiable and she still wants more.
At the beginning of the documentary accompanying the film (on the Wild Side DVD), Bill Margold announces that Insatiable is a highly overestimated film, despite a large budget (about three hundred thousand dollars) and excellent actors.  Margold is absolutely right. Insatiable owes its success to the performance of Marilyn Chambers, who seems possessed by the demon sex, and justifies throughout the footage the adjective that has been affixed in the title.  Marilyn is insatiable and even John Holmes’ unconventional sex will not be able to extinguish the burning fire between our heroine’s legs.
For the rest, to tell the truth … not much.  We are dealing with a fairly standard porn, a pivotal time between the heyday of the 70s and the arrival of the video in the early 80s, directed by Stu Segall.  Man is not a particularly talented director.  With a double hat of producer & director, it began in 1970 with works of the type “sexploitation”, and in which we could find some stars of the genre, such Rene Bond, Colleen Brennan and Uschi Digard.  He then switches to porn in the early 1980’s. His best known x films are the ones he shot with Marilyn Chambers, Insatiable and its sequel and Up’n’Coming, considered byMargold as the best movie of Chambers’ career. Marilyn Chambers will remain as one of the muses of adult cinema and her death last year only reinforced the myth of this actress who started in cinema in 1970 in The Owl and the Pussycat (a comedy with Barbra Streisand).  It’s after seeing him in Sean S. Cunningham’s “Together” that the Mitchell brothers will hire him for “Behind the Green Door”.  She will continue with “The Resurrection of Eve” before being entrusted with the lead role of “Rabid” (David Cronenberg) while the role was initially felt for Sissy Spacek.  Despite the success of the film, Marilyn returns to porn with some parts in mainstream cinema (like the very nice Super Angel).  The rest of her career will be less glorious for this actress who once advertised for Ivory Snow (which does a humourous product placement in this film). Marilyn Chambers will also sing (especially in this film) will be a novelist on occasion and will try a political career with no tomorrow, until her unexpected death in April 2009 at 57. Insatiable’s hard scenes are rather conventional but the flashbacks in London, where Sandra confides to her aunt during their walks around the usual tourist spots are a nice touch. As far as the supporting roles: we see very little of Serena; John Holmes, outside of his gear, does not have much to show us and David Morris (the gardener) has little to do. Richard Pacheco, although nice, is not really charismatic, but fortunately the duo Jessie St James/John Leslie manages to raise the level. “Give me more,” begs Sandra at the end of the film.  But the viewer, more than likely, will not want more despite Marilyn.